Engagement Photography

Trevor & Rebecca- Engagement


Trevor and Rebecca met while working at Comerica Park. So, it was only fitting that we did their engagment session there. It was so fun, and admittidly strange, to be there with an empty stadium. This was my first tiem shooting inside of Comerica, and I hope to go back again! Trevor and Rebecca are getting married this July and I can't wait to see this sweet couple tie the knot!

Andrea, Barry & "The Girls"


This August I get the pleasure of photographing this couple's wedding. Andrea & Barry have the sweetest family. Barry is completely out numbered by these beauties. The girls were great during our session. It was fun getting to do an engagement session/ family session. Can't wait to see all 5 again this summer!

Cherice & Victor

This is an oldie but goodie! This beautiful bride had her heart set on a travel themed engagement session. Turns out they had been living apart, in different states, for most of their relationship. Travel has a special place in their hearts.  How amazing to see a relationship that has thrived, even with the obstacle of distance? <3 I love this themed session!