This past year I've had the gift of being able to photograph my dear cousin's maternity photos, and then the newborn photos for her beautiful twins! Shannon and I grew up together, from young kids causing chaos, teenagers and those pesky boys on their jet skis, and now to MOMS! It's hard to believe we are even mature enough for such things :) Last fall Shannon and her fiancé Kevin came back to Michigan and I was able to get some time to photograph this beauty in all her pregnant glory! A few months later and these gems arrived. A not so quick (9 dang hours) drive to Illinois, with my mom and my two littles, and I had the privilege of taking their first professional photos. Getting to see someone who you've known this well, and since you were children, become a mom is one of the most beautiful experiences. On top of all that, she's killing the mom thing! Twins, two step children and all! It's truly amazing, and I can't wait to see what this next chapter looks like for this beautiful family of 6.